Not having a real nice place for my scrapbooking stash has not detered me from buying and buying... Hmm.. No new shoes this month but I have this:

It's the 7Gypsies stamp set where you can change the seals and the inks.. I also got additional stamps of journaling spots since I think these will be useful for my layouts. I've yet to use these stamps but I had fun stamping some of my personal belongings like books and magazines with this stamp and writing my just my name.

And I am so psyched that I finally got my August Poppy Ink and Story of My Own kits. I will post pics of the monthly kits soon.. I've yet to get my Paper Posies kit for August and September. I missed the TSL's spree for the Sep-Nov SOMO kit. Had I seen this earlier,I would've continued subscribing.. It's a good thing that another spree started but it will start from Oct-Dec. One of the reasons why I subscribed to SOMO is because of the October Afternoon stamps. Before this year's summer CHA, you can only get these stamps on SOMO. Hopefully, somebody will sell the September stamp in the TSL forum. OA stamps are soo cute! Here's the Paper Posies kit:

August Kit

September Kit

The LSS here have an early start with Christmas themed goodies.. I absolutely love the Making Memories line for Christmas. But I already got some papers a few weeks ago from Daisy Bucket for this year's Christmas layouts:

But I can't seem to resist these:

Really nice embellishments from Making Memories.

Must resist, must not buy.. Just yet..

From MWL, these Fancy Pants clear stamps from summer CHA are already available:

But I almost fainted when I saw the price (SGD84 x 30, not including the huge acrylic block which is about SGD24). So much restraining was done on my part not to put that stamp in my basket.. FP is the reason why I did not go to MWL this week.. Haha.. But I know I will be screwed next week - payday na! Maybe I can buy the stamp and not buy anything else for the rest of the month (nyek! Sino naman ang niloloko ko noh! Hehe).
View this week's arrival at Made With Love and Laine's Papeterie
Welcome to my new home..
My previous blog was too much of a mess so I decided to make a new one.. Although contents will not be different, I wanted something clean and simple, uncluttered. This blog is all about my love for the hobby. Occasionally, I will post or talk about things that are non-scrapbook related just to vent or share. In this blog I will be showing some, if not all, of the layouts or projects I've made, good finds and everything else that perks up my interest in the wonderful world of scrapping. I will try my very best to update this blog often. Here's for the love of scrapbooking!
See you all here again real soon :)