I mean seriously...
If it isn't enough that the biggest scrapbooking store in Southeast Asia is here, they have to open a bookstore just a stone's throw away from my office. I will not be surprised if I will not be able to save a single cent from all of these retail therapies I've been doing.
During my lunch break today I decided to drop by at Harris/Popular. I figured since I am a fast eater I would browse by the store for a few minutes to see what they have in the store. Popular is just like National Bookstore - more of supplies and maybe a few good books. But this one is
different, although they still have supplies it is more of Powerbooks than it is NBS. Usually, if I wanted to browse quickly, I'd go to MPH (along CitiLink) or Times (just above MWL). On days that I am in the mood to really take my time to choose books or just hang, I'll go to Orchard where Borders and Kinokuniya is located. Now that there's a decent bookstore that I can
visit during the weekday, it will now be too impossible for me to get out during the weekends..

I like the Harris store.. It's bright and not so crowded.. My few minutes turned out to be a full hour just browsing for titles (which left me no choice but to grab a baguette at Delifrance). Although I still miss Powerbooks because you can pick up a book or a magazine and you can actually sit and stay in the store the whole day and finish a novel.
I love books.. I try to broaden my literary palette by picking up books beyond the bestseller rack. My affinity for books started with Archie, and eventually to Sweet Valley, Danielle Steele, VC Andrews, The Vampire Chronicles, Socrates to Saarte, Holocaust and the Catholic Church,
anything about the Priory of Scion and Mary Magdalene (yes, I fell into that trap). No self-help books about love, marriage or mars and venus but I did read The Art of Seduction (love the book, but never had the nerve to try the 'art').
I've always wanted to write something myself, maybe get published. Or maybe speak eloquently. But for now my word play revolves around writing emails, and previously, giving out trainings on how not to get electrocuted (being a H&S person)..
Anyway, I did pick out a book (and that elusive UHU Twist & Glue bottle!). With the smorgasbord of choices, I ended up buying something I've already read (The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova) - it's just that I can't make up my mind! And I super love this book anyway so it was worth reading all over again (paging my ex-office mate - I want my 'The Historian' in trade paperback back!). But I'll definitely pick up 'The Art of War' by Shu Tzu (illustrated) before I go home for the holidays...