And I will be coming home. I am so excited to see my family and friends again. This trip is actually an advance birthday gift from my parents who also promised to take me to this waterfall in Amadeo, Cavite that they have discovered (I smell photo op!). It's also very timely since it's my nephew Justin's 4th birthday celebration on the weekend that I will be home. It's also my favorite boss and very good friend Vivian's birthday who promised to treat me to a scrumptious meal at Contis (never been... I know...).
As I have mentioned on my previous post, I had a very hard September both personally and professionally. I thank God that I was able to come past the obstacles that came my way, but I did have a few meltdowns in the confines of my office space that worried my manager and officemates (I know they thought I was going to lose it any second now). My crying spells were so bad that my mom was already begging me to pack my things and go home for good. While that prospect at that time seemed irresistable, I knew that it was the easy way out. Obstacles are there for a reason and I knew that I had to face it head-on. I had to be strong for the sake of my parents, I know that they worry so much for my well being especially in this situation where I am far away from home standing by myself with nobody to turn to if things get ugly. I've leaned so many lessons in this experience and most of it painful, but you know the old adage 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' surely is true. I am a fighter now.

So I've moved to another place (yet again). I like it here - from my window I can see the park, it's sunny, accessible to places, and my housemates are really cool. In my case, I have to be wary of people I meet especially a fellow countryman/woman. My last housemates - to put it mildly - are arrogant, self-absorbed, greedy people, spawns of the devil who have no real decency in their bone. And although I want to rid myself of any hatred as it can only give you wrinkles, I just boil everytime I think of them. They are robbers of money and spirit. I know someday that what they did to me will come back to them tenfold. I know that it is very un-Christian to think of evil things to these three people, forgive me I am only human and my imagination can go up to the hills most of the time. So let's not discuss them any further.

I want to fill my life with love and music and flowers and chocolates... I am so crushing on him right now:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII

Go see The Tudors and you'll get what I mean (and Henry Cavill is hot-hot as well). If these kind of men do not turn you on, at least watch the show for the entertainment value (not as historically accurate as I would have hoped compared to the book The Wives of Henry VIII - yep! that's the nerd in me..).

And I will not let this post pass without sharing anything about scrapbooking. Here are some layouts I made:



Materials: May Studio Calico Kit

so i wonder

so i wonder

Materials: Cardstock: Bazill; Patterned Papers: American Crafts; Chipboard: American Crafts, Maya Road; Overlay: Hambly; Sticker: 7gypsies; Paint: Making Memories; Others: American Crafts Pen, UTEE, Glossy Accents, Perfect Pearls

I am currently finishing a BAB for the Prima Contest. Imagine winning USD600 worth of flowers? Sweet!

Til next time!

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Liza said...

So glad to hear you've gone past the storm and have come out triumphant. And glad to see you'll be able to come home to your family even fro a brief moment. I commend you for a positive outlook and strong resiliency to life.