April 28, 2009

Tama ba naman yun na 2 months ang update ko at wala pa ako masabi?
Anyway, our bags are packed once again and me and my super housemates will be moving to the Purple Line. It's a much smaller place than where we are living now but it's quaint and quiet and easy to maintain (as far as cleaning is concerned). There was a little bit of drama about this moving thing but we are leaving all the malas together with this flat. Sayang lang coz here in Tampines we are near the malls (I will miss Uniqlo but it's going to be a one bus trip going here once we move so - yay still!).
Ugh... I have too much stuff... And my scrap stuff has been neatly tucked away.
Even if I haven't updated this blog it doesn't mean that I have stopped scrapping. I made several layouts and projects which I will soon share once I've unloaded all my stuff once again.
So May 2 (I think) is Scrapbooking Day. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Slice machine but it will depend on what MWL will have in store for next month. I hope I can get a good deal, though.
Come back again soon :)

PS. I am currently in bed resting. I have a back strain. Pain is really bad - I cannot make sudden or fast movements. I was prescribed 3 kinds of pain killers which makes me feel really drowsy.

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